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Product Special - August 2019 
Collapsible Rearing and Observation Cage
This 12-inch cage is ideal for breeding, rearing, and observing butterflies and many other kinds of insects. The cube-shaped cage is fully collapsible, lightweight, durable, and folds flat. Easy to store or travel, it is an excellent choice for both institutional and personal use.

The netting wicks away moisture quickly to keep contents dry. The fine mesh prevents most small insects, including mosquitoes, from entering or leaving the cage. Five mesh sides promote healthy air flow. One side has a vinyl window that allows clear viewing into the cage. A side zippered opening is provided for easy access.

Cage material is Polyester with a double 'V'-shaped weave using 10-micron threads making it easy to see the contents inside. Mesh is 36 x 19 holes per inch (684 per square inch). Hole size is an irregular rectangle measuring approximately 600 microns (0.6mm) in length, with a width of 600 microns (0.6mm) at its widest point, and 200 microns (0.2mm) at its narrowest.

The cage is washable. Use up to 10% bleach solution to sanitize before reusing if desired.
Order from August 1 - 31, 2019 to receive a 15% discount!
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