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Book Special - August 2019

Family-Friendly Activities for Exploring the Amazing World
of Beetles, Butterflies, Spiders, and Other Arthropods
by John W. Guyton

2018, 144 pages, 75 color photographs and 125 color illustrations.

Your bug adventure starts here! Bug Lab for Kids is a collection of more than 40 enjoyable activities for exploring the exciting world of arthropods, which makes up more than 90 percent of all animals on earth, including insects, spiders, centipedes, butterflies, bees, ants, and many others!

Written by entomologist and educator Dr. John Guyton, this informative book teaches young bug enthusiasts how to find, interact with, and collect arthropods safely.
  • Begin Your Adventure. Learn how to dress to collect, start a field notebook, and use the scientific method, as well as the best places to look for bugs. And investigate how to care for live arthropods.
  • Preserving Insects. Find out the best ways to make a spreading board, and how to pin and photograph insects.
  • The Most Common Insect Orders. Explore Coleoptera (beetles), Diptera (flies and mosquitos), Odonata (dragonflies and damselflies), and many more.
  • Other Arthropods. Conduct experiments with centipedes and millipedes, sow bugs and pill bugs, daddy longlegs, and others.
  • Creative Projects. Re-create a paper wasp's nest with papier-mâché, make a pitcher plant and fly game, and set up a butterfly watering station.
  • Butterflies, Bees & Other Pollinators. Learn how to rear butterflies and explore their migration patterns, conduct a local survey of pollinators, host a honey tasting, and make a pollinator habitat.

Primary audience is grades K – 8, but the book is also useful for older kids and adults. Softcover; 8-1/2 x 8-1/2”.

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