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SATURNIIDAE MUNDI - Saturniid Moths of the World
Part II - Product Details

SATURNIIDAE MUNDI - Saturniid Moths of the World
Part II
by Bernard d'Abrera

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Catalog #9795, Saturniidae-Mundi-part-II Catalog #9795, Sat-019 Catalog #9795, Sat-053 Catalog #9795, Sat-066 Catalog #9795, moth

2012, 232 pages, color photos throughout. From the publisher's description:

"HILL HOUSE PUBLISHERS proudly announce the publication of the 2nd and long-awaited final part of the 3-part publication on the Saturniid Moths of the World by Bernard d’Abrera.  (This title represents his 32nd volume in a series of volumes first begun in 1969-71 dedicated to the Lepidoptera of the World.)

Saturniidae Mundi Part II treats approximately 400 species in 65 genera, thus completing the entire Neotropical fauna, the remaining large Afrotropical species (both covered in Parts I and III), and a major revision of the spectacular Indo-Australian silkmoths – the genus Antheraea Hübner.

This much anticipated volume, first begun in 1994, contains 232 pages, illustrated with nearly 700 colour figures in the catalogue section, most of which represent primary and secondary types of one rank or another from the Collection of the peerless British Museum of Natural History (Natural History Museum) in London.  It is printed 4 x 4 colour throughout, figuring over 400 species, life size. There is also an Appendix section containing 80 colour figures of taxa not present in the BMNH but figured by the Late Claude Lemaire in his final work (2002) on the South American Saturniids.  These figures were generously provided by Erich Bauer (Goecke & Evers), with the agreement of the copyright holder.

All the colour figures are ultra sharp and printed to the highest levels of colour balance and brilliance by one of the leading colour printers in the world – Craft Print International, Singapore, who have long been the principal printers of Hill House books, maps and prints.

The work contains a Generic Index, and a Species Index which also includes an alphabetical arrangement of synonyms.  The author has prepared  major essays on Linnaean morphotaxonomy, and a review of the scientific utility of genitalic dissections in modern taxonomic diagnosis.  He has also included a comprehensive glossary of scientific terms. There are also several glorious colour photographs of the living fauna and their environments on different continents, taken in the inimitable style of the author, who makes his pictures in the field, on film, using only available light.  Also included in the Preliminary section are the customary photographs of famous Lepidopterists who have made their mark specializing in the study of the Saturniid Moths of the World.".

The print run for this volume is only 350 copies. Hardcover, with laminated French-fold dust jacket; 10-1/4 x 13-2/3".  weight; 4.45 lbs.

Please Note - In this volume, 38 pages are devoted to the author's personal views regarding evolution and political issues.

ISBN 978-0-947352-54-7 Dimensions: 350 mm x 260 mm

9795 D'Abrera, Saturniidae Mundi, Part II

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