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by Sylvia A. Johnson, Cynthia Overbeck & Jane Dallinger

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Catalog #9714A, Chirping-Insects Catalog #9188B, Silkworms Catalog #9181A, Swallowtail-Butterflies

Each title in this handsomely photographed series focuses on the life cycle of one kind of insect or spider, exploring its natural process of growth. Close-up color photos show scenes normally impossible or difficult to see. These 48-page, award-winning books have a glossary and index. Grades 4 - 10. 7-3/8 x 8-5/8".

CHIRPING INSECTS - 9714A Overview of crickets, katydids and grasshoppers explains their general characteristics, jumping ability and incomplete metamorphosis. Describes how chirping insects produce their songs and use them to send messages to other members of their species. Hardcover library edition; discounted 48% from list price.

SILKWORMS - 9188B Introduction to the domesticated silkworm moth, raised for the thread out of which its cocoons are constructed. Remarkable color photos include silkworm culture and stages of the moth's metamorphosis. Paperback.

SWALLOWTAIL BUTTERFLIES - 9181A Introduces the various butterflies found in all parts of the world that have in common a slender pointed tip, or tail, on each hindwing. Provides a simple yet accurate description of the complex life cycle of this beautiful creature, highlighted by vivid color photographs illustrating their life cycle. The concise text is accompanied by well-labeled diagrams. Hardcover.

9714A * Lerner Natural Science Books, Chirping Insects, hard cover

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9188B Lerner Natural Science Books, Silkworms, Paperback

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9181A * ,Lerner Natural Science Books: Swallowtail Butterflies

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