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by Bernard d’Abrera

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Catalog #9680, Australian Region Catalog #3503, Revised edition Afrotropical pt I Catalog #9767, Butterflies of Afrotropical Region pt II Catalog #9767, interior plate Charaxes Catalog #9767, interior plate Nymphalidae Catalog #9767, Sample Plate 2 Catalog #9436, Neotropical-II Catalog #9436, Neo-II-page-179 Catalog #9436, Neo-II-page-268 Catalog #9436, Neo-II-page-307 Catalog #9436, Neo-II-pg-341 Catalog #9591, Neotrpical pt III Catalog #9898, Neotropical Region pt IV Catalog #9978, Neotropical pt V Catalog #9549, Neotropical pt VI Catalog #3473, Neotropical pt VII Catalog #9437, Oriental pt II Catalog #9438, Oriental pt III Catalog #9276, Holartic pt I Catalog #9276, Papilionidae pt 1 Catalog #9276, Pieridae  pt 1 Catalog #9276, Danaidae pt 1 Catalog #9276, Satyridae pt 1 Catalog #9707, Holartic pt II Catalog #9707, Satyridae pt 2 Catalog #9707, Nymphalidae pt 2 Catalog #9707, Sample Page Catalog #9551, Holartic pt III Catalog #9551, Nymphalidae pt 3 Catalog #9551, Libytheidae pt 3 Catalog #9551, Riodinidae pt 3 Catalog #9551, Sample Plate pg 409 Catalog #9758A, Butterflies-Neotropical-Regon-Pt-I-revised-Pap-Pier

Multi-volume work provides a consistent, synoptic pictorial account of the world’s butterfly fauna. It is the first standard regional reference on a global scale since Adalbert Seitz' work nearly 100 years ago. It features superb color photos taken primarily from London's Natural History Museum collection of more than three million specimens, with color illustrations of set specimens, shown natural size, accompanied by brief text.

The series is an important reference and identification guide, essential for professional and amateur Lepidopterists and for libraries. Presentation, format and size are uniform for all clothbound volumes; 10 x 13-1/2".

9680 BUTTERFLIES OF THE AUSTRALIAN REGION, Volume 1, third edition
1990, 416 pages (1971 & 1978 editions are out of print). Extensive, geographically varied region covers the Moluccas and islands eastward, including West Irian & Papua/New Guinea, Solomons to Fiji, Australia, Tasmania, and New Zealand. This edition includes new species and/or races to each family except Amathusidae and Riodinidae. Positions Danaidae family according to Ackery & Vane-Wright’s Milkweed Butterflies, 1984. Contains new color photos of many specimens in the Birdwing, Ulysses and other groups, plus butterflies described since 1971.

BUTTERFLIES OF THE AFROTROPICAL REGION (new and revised edition, in three parts)
The original volume (1980) has been out of print since 1986. The revised edition features new text and plate layout, and new color separations. Updated text includes current bibliographic and biogeographic information in light of recent revisions, especially Carcasson’s African Butterflies, by Ackery, et al., 1995. Many taxa are treated and/or figured for the first time.
3503 BUTTERFLIES OF THE AFROTROPICAL REGION, Part I, Papilionidae, Pieridae, Acraeidae, Danidae & Satyridae, revised
1997, 287 pages, 2 maps. Treats five families in the region (sub-Saharan Africa, its offshore islands, Madagascar, Indian Ocean islands, and Arabian Peninsula). Includes nearly 200 "new" taxa not covered in first edition. Text layout pattern: species heading; nominate race (if necessary); range and distribution; illustrations of taxa; type designation (where applicable).
9767 BUTTERFLIES OF THE AFROTROPICAL REGION, Part II, Nymphalidae, Libytheidae, revised
2004, 323 pages, color photos of ~2,200 specimens, 40 color plates of living fauna and environment. Butterflies covered in this volume are among the most spectacular and colorful found anywhere on the planet. Treats ~800 species in 45 genera. Illustrates and describes over 170 new species which have appeared in the literature since the 1980 edition. Prepared with advice from Lepidoptera specialists worldwide.
BUTTERFLIES OF THE AFROTROPICAL REGION, Part III, Lycaenidae, Riodinidae, revised
Published January 2010, 380 pages. Includes new taxa and revisions of genera in Lycaenidae and Riodinidae. Only 350 copies have been printed. For ordering information, please contact Lucilla d'Abrera at , advising that you were referred by BioQuip Products.

9758 BUTTERFLIES OF THE NEOTROPICAL REGION, Volume 3, Part 1, Papilionidae and Pieridae
A new and revised edition 1981, 188 pages. First work on these two families in over 60 years covering the entire region, defined as “all of South America, Central America from Mexico to Panama (and offshore islands) and the entire West Indies, including the larger islands of Cuba and Hispaniola”. Includes representative habitat photos plus the swallowtails and swordtails, and whites and yellows reproduced natural size.  Note: this edition is out of print.  A new and revised edition 2016, 9758A, 271 pages is now available.
9436 BUTTERFLIES OF THE NEOTROPICAL REGION, Volume 3, Part 2, Danaidae, Ithomiidae, Heliconidae and Morphidae
1984, 2009 reprinting, 232 pages. Treats four families from the region with the greatest number of species and widest range of habitats. Includes two new genera in the Morphidae family previously considered Satyridae.
The original film from which the book was printed has survived in fine condition. This is a very small reprint; a limited number of copies are available.
9591 BUTTERFLIES OF THE NEOTROPICAL REGION, Volume 3, Part 3, Brassolidae, Acraeidae, Nymphalidae (partim)
1987, 140 pages. Continues spectacular color photo coverage of Neotropical butterflies, covering two families plus part of the Nymphalids (Euptoieta to Hamadryas), as well as Morphidae (Supplement), and Addenda & Corrigenda to Parts 1 and 2.
9898 BUTTERFLIES OF THE NEOTROPICAL REGION, Volume 3, Part 4, Nymphalidae (Partim)
1987, x + 152 pages. Treats remaining Nymphalid butterflies begun in Part 3 (except for Anaea). Beautifully illustrated guide to the identification of species in 44 genera includes Agrias, Callicore, and other popular Neotropical genera. Brief species accounts include original description reference, range or distribution, pertinent comments, and color photo of set specimen (life-size) placed with text. Contains fine color plates of specimens in their habitats.
9978 BUTTERFLIES OF THE NEOTROPICAL REGION, Volume 3, Part 5, Nymphalidae (Conc.), and Satyridae (complete)
1989, v + 197 pages. Concludes coverage of the family Nymphalidae; also covers the family Satyridae, providing a  valuable identification guide to a large number of taxa. Treatment of Nymphalidae includes 10 genera, 118 species, 284 photographs. For Libytheidae, there is one genus, 3 species, 6 photos. Satyridae section covers 52 genera, 706 species, and 1,317 specimen illustrations. For many species, both recto and verso photos, or male and female photos are included. Coverage is also given for subdivisions within many of the species.
9549 BUTTERFLIES OF THE NEOTROPICAL REGION, Volume 3, Part 6, Riodinidae
1994, vi + 217 pages. This book treats approximately 1,200 species of the colorful, popular family of butterflies found in South and Central America. Both upper and undersides of specimens are illustrated for many species. Work fills large gaps in the literature with new descriptions and accurate colored plates for Riodinids unknown at the time of Seitz and his contemporaries.
3473 BUTTERFLIES OF THE NEOTROPICAL REGION, Volume 3, Part 7, Lycaenidae
1995, vii + 168 pages. Final part of this volume covers the family Lycaenidae following the format of the six previous parts covering all of South America and Central America from Mexico to Panama (including offshore islands).

9751 BUTTERFLIES OF THE ORIENTAL REGION, Volume 4, Part 1, Papilionidae, Pieridae and Danaidae
1982, 288 pages. Covers three families from the area which includes Asia from northwestern India to southwestern China (below 30° parallel) and south to the Wallace/Weber Line.
Out of print.
9437 BUTTERFLIES OF THE ORIENTAL REGION, Volume 4, Part 2, Nymphalidae, Satyridae, Amathusidae, Libytheidae and Acraeidae
1985, 296 pages. Pictorial account of over 1,000 species from families inhabiting a region which includes a vast number of islands and archipelagoes. Equally large number of geographical races and forms are represented, many remarkable for their size, color, or sheer beauty of form.
9438 BUTTERFLIES OF THE ORIENTAL REGION, Volume 4, Part 3, Lycaenidae and Riodinidae
1986. xvi + 137 pp. Third and final part of this volume provides color photo and brief description/references for 750-800 species in two families. Remarkably lucid color photographs with excellent registration are featured, with both recto and verso views provided for many species. Since Lycaenid butterflies account for nearly one-third of the species found in the region, book has special significance for many Lepidopterists.

9276 BUTTERFLIES OF THE HOLARCTIC REGION, Volume 5, Part 1, Papilionidae, Pieridae, Danaidae & Satyridae (partim)
1990, 186 pages. Region covers North America, Europe, North Africa, and northern Asia including Japan and China north of 30° latitude. Color photos depict 468 species in 1259 illustrations. Treats Papilionidae: 105 species; Pieridae: 141 species; Danaidae: 9 species; Satyridae (up to & including genus Erebia): 213 species. Family treatments begin with full-page color photo of representative species in natural setting and brief commentary. Species descriptions run with plates. Treats all important forms (seasonal and sexual), with one or more photos of nearly all listed species.
9707 BUTTERFLIES OF THE HOLARCTIC REGION, Volume 5, Part 2, Satyridae (conclusion) & Nymphalidae (partim)
1992, 157 pages. Approximately 1,300 specimens are figured in color photos, covering about 240 species to complete the Satyridae and 260 species of the Nymphalidae (through Vanessa + Polygonia).
9551 BUTTERFLIES OF THE HOLARCTIC REGION, Volume 5, Part 3, Nymphalidae (Conclusion), Acraeidae, Libytheidae, Lycaenidae & Riodinidae
1993, 200 pages. Approximately 2,000 specimens are figured in color photos, covering about 770 species. Completes coverage of the Holarctic region: balance of Nymphalidae (147 species), Acraeidae (1 species), Libytheidae (3 species), Lycaenidae (approx. 585 species), Riodinidae (34 species). Includes new taxa, and locality data for most specimens. Since many localities have been changed by urban or industrial pressures since specimens were first described, work has archival value for those interested in recording environmental changes.

9680 d'Abrera, Butterflies Australian Region, 3rd ed.

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3503 d'Abrera, Butterflies Afrotropical Region, Revised, Part 1

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9767 D'Abrera, Butterflies of the Afrotropical Region, Part 2, revised

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9436 D'Abrera, Butterflies of the Neotropical Region, Pt.2, Reprint

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9591 d'Abrera, Butterflies of the Neotropical Region, vol. 3, part.3

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9898 D'Abrera, Butterflies Neotrop.Region, Part 4

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9978 D'Abrera, Butterflies Neotropical Region, Pt. 5

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9549 d'Abrera, Butterflies of the Neotropical Region, vol. 3 part 6

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3473 D'Aabrera, Butterflies Neotrop.Region, Pt. 7

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9437 D'Abrera, Butterflies of the Oriental Region, Pt.2

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9438 D'Abrera, Butterflies of the Oriental Region, Pt.3

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9276 D'Abrera, Butterflies of the Holarctic Region, vol. 5 part 1

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9707 D'Abrera, Butterflies of the Holarctic Region, vol. 5, pt.2

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9551 D'Abrera, Butterflies of the Holarctic Region, vol. 5, part 3

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9758A D'Abrera, Butterflies of the Neotropical Region, Pt.1, Revised

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