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ECOLOGY OF INSECTS: Concepts and Applications
second edition - Product Details

ECOLOGY OF INSECTS: Concepts and Applications
second edition
by Martin R. Speight, Mark D. Hunter & Allan D. Watt

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Catalog #9605, Ecology-of-Insects

2008, 640 pages, 16 color photo plates (48 images), tables, diagrams, graphs. Insects account for a very large proporation of all terrestrial and freshwater species, pervading almost all ecosystems, functioning as carnivores, herbivores, and detritivores. Their ecology is of crucial importance to ecosystem function. Fully revised and updated to include new topical study areas, the second edition of this successful text provides a balanced treatment of the theory and practice of pure and applied insect ecology.

Concepts include the foundations of evolutionary ecology and population dynamics in ecosystem science as they are applied to topics such as climate change, conservation and biodiversity, epidemiology and pest management. Appropriate for general readers, professionals, and students, the revised and updated edition provides greater coverage of physiological, genetic, molecular, and ecosystem aspects of insect ecology, using exclusive reference to primary literature and real world examples. Paperback; 7-1/2 x 9-3/4".

9605 Speight, Ecology of Insects, 2nd Edition

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