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by Harold Feinstein

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2009, 128 pages, color photos throughout. Photographer Harold Feinstein showcases a wide range of butterfly species from around the world, turning exquisite details into mesmerizing works of art. The breathtaking photographs capture the color, vibrancy, and infinite variety of patterns that occur on the wings of these ornate insects. One hundred impeccably reproduced, oversized photographs allow viewers to appreciate the Blue Morpho of Central America, the African Birdwing, and the Asian Swallowtail at a scale and depth impossible to experience in nature.

A foreword by lepidopterist Fred Gagnon provides insight into the butterfly's ingenious defense mechanisms. A lighthearted but informative nineteenth-century text reflects on the butterfly's life cycle and the significance and beauty of the butterfly in nature and art. Literary quotations throughout the book complement the captioned photos. An elegantly printed deluxe gift book, it is a treasure for butterfly enthusiasts and art lovers alike.

Hardcover; extra large format, 11 x 13".

Note - This book is a wonderful present to give to family members, friends, or yourself. It is being offered at a 50% discount from the list price of $50.00; limited quantity available.

About Harold Feinstein - Feinstein's work is in permanent collections in the Museum of Modern Art, the International Center of Photography, The Jewish Museum, the George Eastman House, Museum of Photographic Arts, and the Museum of the City of New York. His portfolios, photo essays, and articles have been published in major periodicals around the world including, LIFE, Aperture, Audubon, Connoisseur, L'Illustriazione, and Popular Photography. In 1998, Feinstein broke new ground as one of the first photographers to utilize a scanner as a camera (a technique now termed scanography). His first book of images using this technique, One Hundred Flowers (2000) is in its third edition.

9552 Feinstein, One Hundred Butterflies

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