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by David G. James & David Nunnallee

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2011, 448 pages, color photos throughout, Foreword by Robert Michael Pyle. This extraordinary book presents the life histories of the entire butterfly fauna of a North American geographic region in exceptional and riveting detail for the first time. Virtually all of the 158 butterfly species occurring in southern British Columbia, Washington, northern Idaho, and northern Oregon are included in the book. Color photographs of each stage of life—egg, every larval instar, pupa, and adult accompany text covering adult biology, immature stage biology, description of immature stages, and discussion of each species.

The book will appeal to amateur and professional entomologists, butterfly gardeners, conservationists, students, naturalists, and general readers of natural history. For scientists and dedicated lepidopterists, the book provides an unparalleled resource on the natural history of immature stages of butterflies in the Pacific Northwest—and beyond, as many of Cascadia’s butterflies occur in other parts of North America as well as Europe and Asia. Paperback; 7 x 10".

WOW!  THIS BOOK IS TRULY EXTRAORDINARY!!  Never before has a single volume contributed such an immense wealth of BRAND NEW information on North American butterflies!  I've learned new facts and tidbits on literally every page- about butterflies I ve been studying my whole life!

There has never before been a book on North American butterflies that has so completely illustrated the immature stages.  James and Nunnallee managed to rear virtually all of the 158 species of butterflies, and documented their rearings with detailed notes on and fantastic photos of all immature stages.

Without any doubt, I believe this book is the most significant and important publication on North American butterflies in many decades, if not since the classic volumes by Edwards and Scudder.  Every future ecological study on these butterflies, by necessity, will start with the results of [the authors'] labors as baseline information. [They] have literally given Lepidopterology in North America a brand new start!  We now have a new standard for research on immature stages and regional field guides.  We now have a totally new understanding about the biology of some of our most common and widespread butterflies.  And we have a fresh, new perspective on many old taxonomic and ecological questions.

In summary, this is a life-changing book!  You may never look at (or for!) butterflies the same after spending time with this incredible volume.  I cannot thank the authors enough for bringing this book into the world!  It is truly a masterpiece! Andrew D. Warren, Senior Collections Manager, McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity, University of Florida

 “The publication of James and Nunnallee, or ‘the Daves’ as we know them, is a matter for unreserved celebration, not only for lepidopterists and nature lovers of all stripes, but for anyone who cares about our butterflies’ lives, futures, conservation management, and the plants with which they have co-evolved.” Robert Michael Pyle, author of Mariposa Road: The First Butterfly Big Year.

9225 James, Life Histories of Cascadia Butterflies

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