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by Bernard d'Abrera

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Catalog #8981, World Butterflies Catalog #8981, Sample Text page Catalog #8981, Australian page Catalog #8981, Oriental page Catalog #8981, Holartic page Catalog #8981, Afrotropical page Catalog #8981, Neotropical page Catalog #8981, Back Cover

2006, 272 pages, 150 color photo plates illustrating over 6,400 butterflies at ~60% of natural size, 25 color habitat photos, and regional world map. This very informative and inexpensive book serves as a convenient and easy guide to the identification of true butterflies (Papilionoidea), at least to genus level.

The book contains extremely clear and accurate color photographs of at least one species for most, if not all, known genera (as of 2006) of the important Superfamily of Lepidoptera. It is superior both in number of specimens illustrated, and quality of printing.

Each butterfly image is referenced to a brief but authoritative text, showing the number of [then] known species in the genus and its geographical distribution. There is also a brief introductory section on the biology and behavior of butterflies with beautiful photographs of living insects in their natural habitat.  Laminated soft cover; 8-1/2 x 11”.

About the Author - Bernard d’Abrera (1940 – 2017) was a noted Australian photographer, author, and entomologist specializing in generously illustrated books covering Lepidoptera.

8981 d'Abrera, World Butterflies

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