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Gelatin Capsule Vials - Product Details

Gelatin Capsule Vials

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Catalog #8100A, Gelatin-Capsule-Vials Catalog #8100A, Gelatin Capsule-vial-in-use Catalog #8100A, Gelatin-Capsules-quantities

Gelatin capsule vials provide a convenient, inexpensive means of storing small or brittle insects. Some kinds of small insects may even be reared successfully in these disposable capsules. For temporary or permanent storage, capsules, along with data labels, may be pinned through one end with a standard insect pin. Capsule vials are translucent, approx. 7.5 x 20mm; size 0 (8 grains).

8100A Gelatin Capsule Vials, Bag of 100

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8100B Gelatin Capsule Vials, Bag of 500

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8100C Gelatin Capsule Vials, Bag of 1,000

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