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Ecological, Behavioral, and Theoretical Approaches - Product Details

Ecological, Behavioral, and Theoretical Approaches
Stefan Jarau & Michael Hrncir, editors

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Catalog #3999, Food-Exploitations-by-Social-Insects Catalog #3999, Food-Exploitations-sample-plate Catalog #3999, Food-Exploitations-sample-plate Catalog #3999, Food-Exploitations-sample-plate

2009, 360 pages, 4 color plates, b/w photos & illustrations, tables, graphs. The study of social insects is an area that continues to attract a large number of researchers. As a consequence, a huge amount of information about their biology and ecology has accumulated. This book distills scattered information into a highly focused reference. It unites traditional behavioral and ecological studies with theoretical and mathematical models.

The book covers foraging ecology and behavior of social insects, their communication mechanisms, and theoretical models of important aspects. It examines two different but inseparably interlaced levels of social insect foraging: the macroscopic or colony level and the microscopic or individual level. Chapters include discussions of foraging decisions, patterns and strategies of social insect colonies, and information use and transfer between workers. The book provides examples of how this biological knowledge can be used as a basis for constructing mathematical and neural network models that may increase understanding of social insect foraging.

An internation group of contributors provides coverage of a wide range of subjects and recent scientific developments that are unprecedented in breadth and depth. The coverage of ants, bees, and wasps in one resource is a unique feature of the book. Hardcover; 7 x 10-1/4".

3999 * Jarau, Food Exploitation by Social Insects

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