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With Special Reference to Brunei - Product Details

With Special Reference to Brunei
by Joseph K.H. Koh & Leong Tzi Ming

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Catalog #3659, Spiders-of-Borneo Catalog #3659, page-16 Catalog #3659, page-73 Catalog #3659, Page-110 Catalog #3659, pg-261 Catalog #3659, sample-page-175 Catalog #3659, pg-245 Catalog #3659, sample-page-180 Catalog #3659, pg-221 Catalog #3659, sample-page-272 Catalog #3659, pg-127 Catalog #3659, sample-page-3142 Catalog #3659, pg-3005

2014, 357 pages, color photos on every page. This well-organized and attractive book provides a wealth of information. The title is somewhat misleading because a majority of the 250 described species occur in many countries throughout Southeast Asia and beyond.

The content is arranged by family. Following a brief commentary on each spider family, species are described in alphabetical order by scientific name. Descriptions include common name, comments, length for male and female, habitat, biology, and distribution. Lavishly illustrated, one or more large, clear photos are provided for each species.

The book includes detailed information on spider external morphology and classification, plus sections on collection techniques and equipment, laboratory techniques and equipment, a thumbnail field guide, checklist, and index to scientific names.

Hardcover; 6 x 8".

3659 Koh, Spiders of Borneo

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