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SATURNIIDAE MUNDI - Saturniid Moths of the World
Parts I and III - Product Details

SATURNIIDAE MUNDI - Saturniid Moths of the World
Parts I and III
by Bernard díAbrera

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Catalog #3596, Saturniidae Mundi pt I Catalog #3765, Saturniidae Mundi pt 3

Three-volume work is synoptic pictorial account covering known genera and species of Saturniid moths, in the Natural History Museum, London. Arrangement of taxa runs parallel with Museumís collection. Each volume treats ~500 species. Specimens are depicted actual size with text on facing page. For each genera, scientific name, name of describer and date, geographical region, and number of species is provided. For each species, scientific name, original describer and date, publication citation, and geographical distribution is listed, along with locality of specimens illustrated, and brief comment. Hardcover; 10-1/4 x 14-1/4".

3596 Saturniidae Mundi, Part I
1995, 177 pages. Covers sub-families Arsenurinae, Agliinae, Ceratocampinae and part of the Hemilucinae. It treats 65 genera and about 550 species of these remarkable moths, most of which occur in the neotropical region.

9795 Saturniidae Mundi, Part II
2012, 232 pages. See 9795 for description.

3765 Saturniidae Mundi, Part III 1998, 171 pages, 88 color plates. Pictorial presentation of Indo-Australian genera covers Copaxa, Lemaireia, Eudia, Saturnia, Loepa, Cricula, Tothschildia, Attacus, Hyalophora, and others. Describes two new species, Opodiphthera oodgeri and Pararhodia setekwa, both from New Guinea. Brief text gives citation to original description, diagnostic characters, and distribution in general terms. Includes generic and species index, and errata for Part I.

3596 d'Abrera, Saturniidae Mundi, Part 1

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3765 d'Abrera, Saturniidae Mundi, Part III

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