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Life in the Undergrowth DVD, two disks - Product Details

Life in the Undergrowth DVD, two disks

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Catalog #9487DVD, Life in the Undergrowth DVD

Invertebrates. For every one of us, there are 200 million of them. David Attenborough reveals the amazing stories behind the lives of these small creatures. This DVD version of the BBC series of five outstanding television programs guides viewers of all ages through a miniature universe teeming with life, never normally seen, yet all around us.

New technology reveals extraordinary close-ups of swarming antler moths, desert locusts, a mountain of cockroaches, and a host of other insects and spiders. The award-winning, veteran naturalist looks at invertebrates the world over: their arrival on land and mastery of every habitat, their fantastic variety of hunting and mating, and highly organized social behaviors.

See 9487 for description of a fascinating companion book to this television series.

9487DVD Life in the Undergrowth DVD, 2 Discs

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