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THE PILLBUG PROJECT: A guide to investigation - Product Details

THE PILLBUG PROJECT: A guide to investigation
by Robin Burnett

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Catalog #9435B, The-Pillbug-Project

1992, 100 pages, line drawings. Pillbugs, sow bugs, rolypolies, isopods whatever you call them, are an easily accessible animal ideal for introducing elementary grade students to the investigative process directly from the natural world around them. Project takes about 90 minutes each day for 10 days. Other subjects can be integrated with the project. Practical daily plans include teacher notes and narrative, materials list, activities, and reproducible materials. This book provides an entertaining way to teach through stories and pictures. National Science Teachers Association. Paperback; 8-3/4 x 11-1/4".

9435B Burnett, the Pillbug Project

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