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FIELD GUIDE TO MEDICINAL WILD PLANTS, revised edition - Product Details

by Bradford Angier

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Catalog #9134B, FG-to-Medicinal-Wild-Plants-2ed

2008, 264 pages, color illus. throughout.  This illustrated reference guide to North American wild medicinals has been a nature classic for over 30 years.  In this edition, David K. Foster revises Bradford Angier's invaluable handbook, updating the taxonomy and adding more than a dozen species, including the purple coneflower, popularly known as echinacea, as well as ephedra, jewelweed, goldenseal, and more.  Scientific information for a general audience and full-color illustrations combine with intriguing and clear, precise accounts of the plants and plant groups, making this a practical guide for anyone interested in the medicinal uses of wild plants.  Illustrations are matched by information on practical uses for common flora, along with folk remedies and natural medicines of the 18th century.  Paperback; 5-1/2 x 8-1/4".

9134B Angier, Field Guide To Medicinal Wild Plants, 2nd Edition

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