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Stereo Microscopes - Product Details

Stereo Microscopes

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Catalog #6461TBL, 1x3x National Stereo Microscope Catalog #6463, Festoon based 12v 10w

These stereo microscopes feature a high-quality optical system and precise mechanical components. The viewing head is 45 inclined, post mounted to permit 360 rotation and adjustment up/down to accommodate larger specimens.

Three options are available - 1x & 3x, or 2x & 4x objectives, with 10x or 15x widefield eyepieces. Specifications common to all models:

Optical system:   

  • Paired widefield eyepieces with diopter adjustment
  • Interpupillary adjustment from 50mm to 75mm
  • Paired objectives are parfocalled, parcentered, and achromatic
  • Magnification changed by rotating objective turret to positive click stops
  • Illumination:   

  • High-intensity, 12v 10-15 or 20 watt built-in illumination with base mounted on/off switch; 3-wire cord
  • Incidental (top) light and transmitted (bottom) light
  • Focusing:   

  • Rack and pinion focusing with slip clutch and tension adjustment
  • Stage:   

  • 90mm reversible and frosted stage plates
  • Locked-on stage clips
  • Frame:   

  • Rugged cast metal frame, gray enamel finish
  • Height - 11" (28 cm)
  • Fitted styrofoam box, with vinyl dustcover
  • All three microscope models from National Optical detailed above are an excellent value, attractively priced.

    Cat. No. Objectives Eyepieces Magnification Price
    6460TBL Stereo microscope 1x & 3x WF10x 10x & 30x

    $272.65 Add this product to cart

    6461TBL Stereo microscope 1x & 3x WF15x 15x & 45x

    $290.23 Add this product to cart

    6462TBL Stereo microscope 2x & 4x WF10x 20x & 40x

    $272.65 Add this product to cart

    6463 Replacement bulb, upper/lower illum., 12V 10-15W

    $9.87 Add this product to cart