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Macroscopes - 25X and 45X - Product Details

Macroscopes - 25X and 45X

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Catalog #6395, Macroscope-25X Catalog #6397, Camera Adapter for Macroscope Catalog #6399, Macroscope-45X Catalog #6399, Macroscope-with-hard-case-included

Two models of this portable microscope are designed to fill the need for superior image quality in a cost effective configuration.  They feature ease of use without compromising optical or mechanical quality.

The Macroscope 25 is a fixed magnification unit providing 25x magnification over a wide field of view approximately 8mm (5/16").  Working distance is 2-3/4" (70mm); depth of focus is 1/2" (13mm). It is supplied with a reticle providing precise measurements both in .1 mm (100 micron) scale divisions to 5 mm, and 16th inch divisions to 3/16".  By detaching the base and closeup lens, the Macroscope can also be used for 8x distance viewing.

The Macroscope 45 provides 45x magnification. It has a 4.8 mm field of view and includes a measuring scale providing measurements in inches divided into 1/128" segments and in millimeters divided into 1/10-mm segments. Working distance is ~1-1/2" (38 mm) and the depth of focus is  ~3/16" (6 mm). With the close-up lens and base removed, the unit can be used for 8X distance viewing.

One of the Macroscope’s many applications is in the area of forensic entomology as it can be used in virtually any location.  Another is in the field for on-site measurement of pesticide droplet size on 6335A or 6335B Teflon coated slides as samples are taken during spraying to help insure optimal droplet size.

The units are camera adaptable by attaching optional Macromate adapter that couples the Macroscope to 52mm diameter filter threads of most 35mm SLR cameras.  Lenses with other diameters are accommodated by by readily available stepping rings.

Dimensions: height - 5.75" (146mm), with acrylic stage attached - 8.25" (210mm); acrylic stage - 3" (76mm) diameter.
Weight:  6.5 oz. (184 grams); with carrying bag 7.5 oz. (213 grams).

Portable, versatile and easy to use, the Macroscope and camera adapter are valuable tools for field use and indoor in-place observation.

A versatile light table for both Macroscope models is available, 6396 .

6395 Macroscope, 25X, with Carrying Bag

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6397 Macromate Camera Adapter

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6399 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Macroscope, 45X, with Carrying Bag

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