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Fine Art Posters - Product Details

Fine Art Posters

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Catalog #5140, Dragonfly-Poster Catalog #5054, Jewel-Bee-Poster

Two dramatic posters autographed by Project InSECT artist Jessa Huebing-Reitinger feature intricately detailed images. They are reproductions of the artist's huge eight- to nine-foot canvases painted over a period of several weeks at museums and zoos to educate the public on the science of entomology through the medium of the performing visual arts.

This talented artist refers to part of an insect specimen under the microscope, then moves to the canvas, often on a ladder, to create these much larger-than-life images.

Dragonfly Poster
The dragonfly "Rusty" (Trithemis arteriosa) is indigenous to Kenya. The wings are not a mirror image of one another but instead each is unique, similar to our fingerprints. The poster reproduction is printed on high quality paper; size is 24 x 30".

Jewel Bee Poster
The jewel bee "Harley" (Halictidae euglossine) from French Guiana is a solitary bee that does not have the capacity to sting. This remarkable insect has an iridescent exoskeleton and three orange, glass-like domes on the forehead that are its simple eyes (ocelli). Printed on high quality paper; size is 22 x 24".

5140 * Dragonfly Poster Laminated

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5054 * Jewel Bee Poster Laminated

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5054U * Jewel Bee Poster, Not Laminated

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