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Tell Me Why: Insects Video & DVD - Product Details

Tell Me Why: Insects Video & DVD

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Catalog #5070, Tell-Me-Why-Insects-vol-V Catalog #5070DVD, Tell-Me-Why-Insects-Vol-V

This video answers questions asked by children in an informative, easy to understand manner aided by excellent visuals. It answers questions about insects such as:
* How many kinds of insects are there?
* Do insects have blood?
* How does a caterpillar spin a cocoon?
* What does a butterfly eat?
* How can a fly walk on the ceiling?
* Why do mosquito bites itch?
* Can a grasshopper hear?
* What makes a queen bee a "Queen"?
* What does a wasp look like?
* Do ants always live in colonies?

The 30-minute video or DVD is an adventure in learning. It is original, highly educational, and entertaining - an experience for all ages!

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5070 * Insects, Tell Me Why Video

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5070DVD Tell Me Why: Insects DVD

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