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LEPIDOPTERA: borboletas e mariposas do Brasil
(Butterflies and Moths of Brazil) - Product Details

LEPIDOPTERA: borboletas e mariposas do Brasil
(Butterflies and Moths of Brazil)
Almir Cândido de Almeida, Photographer,
André Victor Lucci Freitas, Text

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Catalog #4106, Butterflies-and-Moths-of-Brazil Catalog #4106, pg-27 Catalog #4106, pag-71 Catalog #4106, pg-112 Catalog #4106, pg-189

2012, 208 pages. The photographer traveled for ten years throughout Brazil taking the photographs which are the main feature of this book. With the exception of a Morpho wing found on the ground, all 228 photos are of live butterflies in natural settings. These are photographs of exceptional clarity, quality, and beauty.

Pages 26 to 53 comprise photos of eggs, caterpillars and pupae, of both moths and butterflies; the globular, orange eggs of Heraclides hectorides look to me like sticky, glistening toffee-apples, while the softly focused, dense black and cream hairs of an arctiid caterpillar recall the resplendent plumes of birds-of-paradise.

The remainder [and major portion] of the book is devoted to [photos of] adult butterflies and moths, representing a great diversity of regions, taxa and behaviors.

The book also contains an introductory ten pages of text by André Victor Lucci Freitas, in Portuguese, summarizing the diversity and biology of Brazilian Lepidoptera.

NOTE: description is part of an extensive book review by Keith R. Willmott, McGuire Center for Lepidoptera and Biodiversity. TROP. LEPID. RES., 22(2): 120, 2012.

4106 de Almeida, Lepidoptera: borboletas e mariposas do Brasil

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