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Second Edition - Product Details

Second Edition
by Yves Bousquet, Patrice Bouchard, Anthony E. Davies, and Derek S. Sikes

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Catalog #3413, Checklist-of-Beetles-(Coleoptera)-of-Canada-&-Alaska

2013, 402 pages. Increases in international trade combined with the effects of global climate change have led, and continue to lead, to significant changes in species composition on the planet. Comprehensive species checklists represent valuable tools to assess biodiversity patterns and monitor distributional changes over time.

This publication reports the distribution for all 8,238 species-group taxa of Coleoptera known to occur in Canada and Alaska. From west to east, the number of species-group taxa are 1448 (Alaska), 1041 (Yukon Territory), 1115 (Northern Territory), 123 (Nunavut), 3932 (British Columbia), 2863 (Alberta), 2353 (Saskatchewan), 2679 (Manitoba), 4513 (Ontario), 4127 (Quebec), 2704 (New Brunswick), 2286 (Nova Scotia), 899 (Prince Edward Island), 501 (Labrador) and 1099 (Newfoundland).

The book documents the presence of 393 Holarctic and 629 established adventive species-group taxa. The five most diverse families in the region are Staphylinidae (1682 species), Carabidae (989 species), Curculionidae (823 species), Chrysomelidae (598 species) and Elateridae (386 species).

The valid scientific name, including author names and year of publication, is given for each species-group taxon. The classification follows current knowledge about the relationships of beetles down to the rank of subfamily. Tribes, subtribes, genera, subgenera and species-group taxa are listed alphabetically. References to pertinent identification keys are given under the corresponding supraspecific taxa.

The first edition of the Checklist was published in 1991. Over 800 species have been added to the fauna of the region over the last 20 years, 20% of which are adventive species, and they are included in this second edition. Hardcover; 8-1/8 x 11-7/8".

3413 Bousquet, Checklist of Beetles of Canada & Alaska - 2nd Edition

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