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GEMS (Great Explorations in Math & Science) TEACHERíS GUIDES - Product Details

GEMS (Great Explorations in Math & Science) TEACHERíS GUIDES
by Jean C. Echols, et al.

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Catalog #3314, Hide a Butterfly

GEMS Teacherís Guides are considered the best of hands-on, guided discovery activities for young children. They were developed and tested at the Lawrence Hall of Science, University of California, and use easily accessible and inexpensive materials. The three guides described below are well-illustrated with black-and-white photos, drawings and reproducible materials. Although activities are designed for specific grade levels, they are often extended to higher levels, and guides contain suggestions for ways to modify presentation. Paperback; 8-1/2 x 11".

1991, 44 pp., 3 sessions. Introduces basic concepts of protective coloration as they create camouflaged butterflies and a nature mural. They identify flower parts, decorate paper butterflies, and make bird puppets. They also learn about real butterflies, and predator/prey relationships. Contains step-by-step instructions and background info for teachers with no special training in science.

BUZZING A HIVE, Kindergarten - 3
1993 revision, 146 pp., 6 activities. Explores the complex social behavior, communication and hive environment of the honeybee by making paper bees, a bee hive, flowers with pollen, and bee predators. Also teaches bee body structure and metamorphosis, and how bees work together to protect the hive. Detailed posters of bee anatomy and life stages are included in this popular guide. (Live bees are not a part of the unit).

3314 * Echols, Hide a Butterfly

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3316 * Echols, Buzzing a Hive

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