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Mosquito Lures - Product Details

Mosquito Lures

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Catalog #2881, Human-Scent-Lure-Non-Toxic-New

Human Skin Non-Toxic Chemical Lure
The BG-Lure® is an effective mosquito attractant used in the BG-Sentinel traps 2883, 2880, and other BioQuip mosquito traps. It is packaged in a new, easy to handle plastic tube that releases a combination of non-toxic substances found on human skin (lactic acid, ammonia, and fatty acids). The lure releases the long-lasting attractant for up to five months. This lure is a primary lure for Aedes aegypti and Aedes albopictus mosquitoes but will bring in other human biting mosquitoes

Octenol Lure
The 2882 Octenol Lure is currently unavailable due to EPA regulations. We hope to have it back in the future.
The mosquito attractant “Octenol” is reported to have pheromone-like properties. It is used by vector control professionals and researchers to enhance the effectiveness of mosquito traps. This 2 ml Octenol lure is active for two months. An Octenol lure is supplied with the BG-Sentinel traps 2883 and 2880.

These mosquito lures can also be used effectively in BioQuip's EVS, CDC, New Jersey, and gravid mosquito traps.

2881 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Human Skin Non-Toxic, Chemical Lure

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