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Six Meter Malaise Trap - Product Details

Six Meter Malaise Trap

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Catalog #2877, Six-Meter-Malaise-Trap Catalog #2877H, Dry-Collecting-Chamber-for-6M-Malise-trap Catalog #2877H, Collecting-Chamber-Attached-2-needed Catalog #2877H, Close-up-of-connection

Malaise traps usually are stretched across a stream path, open area or other natural flyway for passive collection of flying insects. The six-meter Malaise trap, as described by Gressitt and Gressitt*, is several times larger than any other Malaise trap available commercially. With its successfully proven design, double collecting head, and large square foot exposure, it gathers almost unlimited numbers of insects in a relatively short period of time when properly located. (During summer months in Florida, a trap will fill the two collecting heads in 24 hours.)

The trap is 6 meters (19.5 feet) long, 3 meters (9.75 feet) high, and 1.5 meters (4.9 feet) wide. It is designed to be suspended between trees with the roof held open by ropes tied to vegetation. The bottom is secured with stakes. The trap can be erected by one person, and instructions are included for set up and constructing a simple A-frame support when there are no trees available. Frame not included with this trap.

The trap is carefully fabricated of strong, UV resistant, 14 x 18 mesh gray polyester, reinforced at the corners. The ‘dry’ type collecting chambers are 4" diameter x 9" long, made of clear acrylic plastic with polyethylene funnel, and clear acrylic inner poison container. BioQuip suggests using pieces of 1196 DDVP strip as killing agent (see page 9). Sold with complete instructions. Shipping weight is 15 lbs.

* Gressitt, J. L. & M. K. Gressitt, An Improved Malaise Trap, 1962, Pacific Insects, 4(1):87-90.

2877 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Six Meter Malaise Trap

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2877H Replacement Dry Collecting Chamber (2)

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