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Insulated Dry Ice Bucket for EVS CO² Traps - Product Details

Insulated Dry Ice Bucket for EVS CO² Traps

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Catalog #2801D, Insulated  Dry Ice Bucket for use with EVS trap

Using this one-gallon, black plastic auxiliary bucket insulated with polyurethane foam substantially extends the life of dry ice. BioQuip’s test results indicate that a smaller quantity of dry ice lasts longer using this well-insulated pail than a larger quantity placed in the standard model. (See EVS trap description 2801A. The bucket is also a cost-effective option for use with #2801BL and 2780 traps.) Savings in dry ice costs offset the cost of the bucket.

The inside lining of the CO² container has eight ounces of molded, expanded polyurethane foam. The bucket comes with handle, hanger chain, foam plug and lid, and “D” ring for hanging the trap. Four holes drilled in the bottom of the bucket allow CO² gas to escape. Additional holes can be drilled easily if desired. Size: 7-3/4" high x 6-1/2" diameter (20 x 16.5 cm).

Note: The trap body of BioQuip EVS traps does not fit inside this bucket due to thickness of the liner.

2801D Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Insulated Dry Ice Bucket for EVS Trap

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