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Outdoor Steel Cage Frames - Product Details

Outdoor Steel Cage Frames

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Catalog #1406S, Cage-Frame-with-1403-corners-assembled Catalog #1401, Ground-support-plate Catalog #1403, 3-Way-Corner-Bracket Catalog #1404, 4-way-corner

BioQuip offers a sturdy, modular framing system to support outdoor screen cages.  Storage is clean and compact, and components can be interchanged to fit cages of varying six-foot modules (183cm).

Frames are constructed of durable zinc-coated steel tubing to withstand extreme weather and wind conditions.  Tube diameter is 15/16" (24 mm).  Tube sections are supplied as two 36-3/8" pieces.  One piece is swaged (diameter reduced) on one end, and is inserted into the non-swaged piece.  Total length of each tube is 69-3/4" (177 cm).  This tube length is convenient for transport and storage, and can be sent via international shippers.

Unique 3-way and 4-way steel, welded corner socket units are the central feature of the frame design.  Steel tubes are inserted into sockets as in an erector set, and the cage cover is draped over the frame.  Frames may be purchased as complete sets, or corner units only may be purchased if the user wishes to purchase steel tubing locally.

1406S - For 6 Foot Cage
Standard 6 x 6 x 6 ft. module for 1406A, 1406B and 1406C cages, has four 3-way corner units, and eight tube segments. Weight: 25 lb.

1412S - For 6 x 12 Foot Cage
Frame for 6 x 12 x 6 ft. high cages, 1412A, 1406B and 1406C, contains four 3-way and two 4-way corner units, and 13 tube segments. Weight: 41 lb.

1401 - Ground Support Plate
For added frame stability, especially on damp or soft ground, BioQuip suggests placing a 1401 steel, ground support plate under each vertical tube section. The 1406S cage frame takes four support plates, and the 1412S uses six support plates.

1403 & 1404 - Corner Socket Units
Listed as replacement parts for cage frames, or for customers purchasing lengths of steel tubing locally.

1406S Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Outdoor Cage Frame for 6 X 6 X 6' Cages

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1412S Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Outdoor Cage Frame: for 6 X 6 X 12' Cages

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1401 Ground Support Plate- for 1406S, 1412S Frame

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1403 3-Way Corner Unit for Outdoor Cages

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1404 4-Way Corner Unit for 1412S Cage Frame

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