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Binocular Stereo Microscopes - Product Details

Binocular Stereo Microscopes

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Catalog #6441, dual powered Binocular Microscope - National Catalog #6447, Microscope-Eyepieces Catalog #6448, 15X-Microscope-eyepieces Catalog #6449, 20X-Microscope--eyepieces Catalog #6440TB,  Upper light 12V 10W Catalog #6440BB, Lower-light-bulb-110V-15W

Inclined stereo microscopes in this popular series from Applied Scientific feature two objectives, widefield eyepieces, and both top and bottom illumination. They are high-quality instruments offering durability and fine optical clarity. Five-year limited manufacturer’s warranty. All models are available in 220VAC on special order. Specifications common to all three models:


  • 10x, 15x or 20x widefield eyepieces
  • Interpupillary distance adjustment from 55mm to 75mm with diopter
  • Working distance 82mm (3.2"); right lens diopter adjustment located on head
  • Sharp image with glass prisms
  • Illumination:   

  • •High intensity, 12v 10-watt incidental (top) light and 110v 15 watt transmitted (bottom) light.
  • •4-position switch: top only, bottom only, top/bottom, off.
  • Focusing:   

  • Rack and pinion focusing with slip clutch and tension control
  • Head:   

  • 45° inclined binocular head rotates 360°, can be locked in any position
  • Stand:   

  • Full size 6-1/2 x 8-3/4" metal base (160mm x 225mm)
  • Built-in three way incident and transmitted illumination system
  • Frosted glass stage plate, 75mm diameter
  • Height - 11 to 14" at maximum focus adjustment
  • Supplied with dust cover in styrofoam case
  • Eyepieces 6447, 6448, and 6449 for microscopes 6440, 6441, and 6442 are interchangeable. Purchasing additional eyepieces greatly increases the versatility of these microscopes.

    Cat. No. Objectives Widefield
    Magnification Field of View Price
    6440 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Microscope 1x and 3x 10x 10x and 30x 20mm, 6.5mm

    $491.58 Add this product to cart

    6441 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Microscope 1x and 3x 15x 15x and 45x 15mm, 5mm

    $491.58 Add this product to cart

    6442 Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Microscope 1x and 3x 20x 20x and 60x 10mm, 4.3mm

    $491.58 Add this product to cart

    6447 Widefield eyepieces, 10x

    $107.89 Add this product to cart

    6448 Widefield eyepieces, 15x

    $107.89 Add this product to cart

    6449 Widefield eyepieces, 20x

    $107.89 Add this product to cart


    $9.65 Add this product to cart


    $9.65 Add this product to cart