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20 Watt Fiberoptic Light Source, with Focusable Light Guides - Product Details

20 Watt Fiberoptic Light Source, with Focusable Light Guides

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Catalog #6102B, 20W-Fiber-Optic-Light Catalog #6102B, 20W-Fiberoptic-Light Catalog #6102B, 20W-Fiberoptic-Replacement-bulb 6102B

Fiberoptic illumination has become a widely used light source, offering the advantages of being versatile, adjustable, intense, and cool. The dependable unit described below is quiet, with low vibration. It may be used independently from any angle, or can be interfaced directly to microscopes or to other equipment. The professional, high-quality optics, coupled with the moderate cost, make it an excellent value. It is made in the USA, backed by manufacturer's one-year warranty.

Economical, all-metal design of this fiberoptic unit is ideal for light-duty use. It allows topographical viewing of specimens that cannot be trans-illuminated. Trans-illumination is also improved with this bright, cool, easily positionable halogen light. Gooseneck sheathing offers obedient positioning.

6102B Fiberoptic Light Source with Bifurcated Light Guides
Dual channels provide two station illumination at 20, with high degree of multidimensional clarity. The focusable end tips allow lights to be focused without repositioning the arms. Overall length is 18" (46cm).

6102X Replacement Halogen Bulb
20-watt bulb for 6102B.

6102 Specifications:   

  • Power: 110/120V AC, 50/60 Hz
  • Dimensions: 2.1" wide, 6.5" long, 2.75" high (5.3, 16.5, 7 cm)
  • Lamp type: 20-watt halogen bulb, with focused tip, color temp. 3150 K
  • Lamp life: ~2,000 hours
  • See also 6101B for description of 150 watt fiberoptic light sources.

    6102B Click here for product MSDS, instructions. Fiberoptic Light, 20 watt, Halogen w/Fiberoptic Light Guides

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    6102X Fiberoptic Replacement Bulb, 20 watt, Halogen

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