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The Art of Discovery & Adventure
by Huw Lewis-Jones & Kari Herbert

2017, 320 pages, color illustrations on almost every page. Have you ever wanted to reach out and touch a priceless artifact in a museum only to have your dreams foiled by a pane of glass? Well, not anymore. This book allows you to reach through the glass and turn the pages in the sketchbooks, field notebooks and journals of some of history’s greatest explorers.

For centuries, brave souls have traveled the world in search of knowledge and adventure. One vital piece of equipment has been a constant in every explorer’s kit - the journal of their travels. Containing records of the personal experiences and scientific discoveries that changed the way we look at the world today, these sketchbooks provide a window into the minds of these intrepid explorers and a firsthand view of the things they encountered on their journeys.

Like opening an old dusty trunk in the attic and finding it full of treasures, this book contains pages from 70 such sketchbooks, kept by intrepid men and women as they voyaged across frozen wastelands, high mountains, barren deserts, and dense rainforests—drinking in and recording everything they encountered. Figures such as Charles Darwin and Sir Edmund Hillary are joined here by lesser-known explorers such as Adela Breton, who braved the jungles of Mexico to make a record of Mayan monuments. Entomologists include Maria Sibylla Merian, Carl Linnaeus, Margaret Fountaine, and Henry Walter Bates (see butterfly sketches above).

Here are profiles, expedition details, and the scientifically accurate and beautiful artwork of pioneering explorers and mapmakers, botanists and artists, ecologists and anthropologists, eccentrics and visionaries. Here is the art of discovery. Hardcover; 10-3/4 x 8”.
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