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July 2018
A Guide to North American Bees
by Jillian Cowles

2015, 288 pages, 926 color photos, 99 maps. The Bees in Your Backyard provides an engaging introduction to the roughly 4,000 different bee species found in the United States and Canada, dispelling common myths about bees while offering essential tips for telling them apart in the field.

Ideal for amateur naturalists and experts alike, the book provides detailed accounts of every bee family and genus in North America, describing key identification features, distributions, diets, nesting habits, and more. It features stunning color photos of the bees living all around us—in our gardens and parks, along nature trails, and in the wild spaces between. It describes their natural history, including where they live, how they gather food, their role as pollinators, and how to attract them to your own backyard.
  • Provides the most comprehensive and accessible guide to all bees in the U.S. and Canada
  • Features more than 900 full-color photos
  • Offers helpful identification tips and pointers for studying bees
  • Includes a full chapter on how to attract bees to your backyard

Paperback; 8 x 10".

About the Authors - Joseph S. Wilson is assistant professor of biology at Utah State University and has been studying bees and wasps for more than a decade. Olivia Messinger Carril received her PhD in plant biology from Southern Illinois University and has been studying bees and the flowers they visit for twenty years.

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