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10% Discount! Book Special - March 2017 New Book!
INSECTS AND PLANTS: A Living Theater, second edition
by Edward S. Ross and Sandra Miller Ross
2016, 214 pages, color photos throughout. This truly remarkable volume combines a highly informative text with Dr. Ross’ superb color photographs of insects and flowering plants selected from a lifetime of scientific and photographic expeditions that took him to every continent.

The book gathers the best of the author’s work, allowing us to marvel at Ross’ top photographic skills and his fascination with the natural world. His gifted photography and writing will undoubtedly stimulate young students to catch the same sense of wonder and enthusiasm that captured him at an early age. Hopefully, some readers will choose to enter lifetime careers that help save some natural spaces, insects, and plants for future generations to experience and enjoy.

Seeing is believing! This book belongs in your library or on your coffee table to be enjoyed again and again. Hardcover; 11 x 9-1/4”.

About the Author/Photographer - Edward Ross, a world-renowned scientist and former Curator of Entomology at the California Academy of Sciences in San Francisco, died March 16, 2016. He was 100 years old. Ross spent his long career leading expeditions into remote corners of the world in search of what he jokingly called “small game” — tiny insects — scientific name is embiidina — that spin silk with their front feet.

A pioneer in close-up photography, Ed Ross’ pictures of insects in natural settings were featured in five National Geographic articles, numerous publications, and in his first book, Insects Close-Up,1953.
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