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October 2018
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 Beetles: The Natural History and Diversity of Coleoptera
by Stephen A. Marshall
2018, 784 pages, 4,500 color photos, illustrations, charts, keys to the beetle families. This book provides a comprehensive and informative introduction to the natural history of beetles. It provides an overview of the diversity of fascinating families included in the group. The subject is an enormous one, since beetles (Coleoptera), include almost 400,000 named species.

Marshall opens with a description of what makes a beetle a beetle, and then introduces the natural history of the order with copious examples and explanations.

Part one of the book includes:

  • Life Histories of Beetles
  • Defense and Deception
  • Freshwater and Marine Beetles
  • Beetle Associations
  • Beetles, Plants and Plant Products
  • Beetles and Other Animals

Part two is a guided tour of the diversity of the order, with stops for all of the world's ~180 families of beetles as well as most of the significant subfamilies. Thousands of photos, almost all taken in the field by the author, are used to capture the range of form and function in each family, with pages of examples of the popular groups -- such as fireflies, tiger beetles, jewel beetles -- but also with unique photographs of little-known groups ranging from long-lipped beetles to the rarest rove beetles. Essential information about importance, range, behavior and biology is provided for each group. Easily used photographic keys to most families are provided for those wishing to use the book as an identification guide.

The profusely illustrated colored keys, linked to the unprecedented photographic coverage of the world's beetle families and subfamilies, enable readers to identify most families of beetles quickly and accurately, and to readily access information about each family as well as hundreds of distinctive genera and species.

This book is suitable for a wide audience entomologists, Coleoptera specialists, students, naturalists, libraries, and anyone with an interest in beetles. Hardcover; 8-1/2 x 11 x 2"; weight: 7.5 lbs.

Stephen Marshall is also the author of Insects: Their Natural History and Diversity 4034, Flies: The Natural History and Diversity of Diptera, 9557, 500 Insects: A Visual Reference, 9249, and Insects A to Z 3602.


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