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Bugs in Contemporary Art
by E. Ashley Rooney

2017, 176 pages, 305 color and b/w photos. Insects have captivated artists for centuries, as shown in their re-creations of them on canvas, in gold, fabric, marble, wood, metal, and other media. This book displays the works of 39 insect-centric contemporary artists, showing the extent to which insects fascinate twenty-first century artists and scientists. These American and international artists have many magical and discerning ways of approaching their buggy subjects which each artist explains in his or her own words.

Nearly one million different described species of insects are known today. Now some of those colorful butterflies, iridescent beetles, little ladybugs, and lacy dragonflies, depicted in a wide variety of artworks, designs, and arrangements, can be viewed in your permanent collection. Enjoy visiting and re-visiting this amazing assemblage of art produced by highly creative and innovative artists!

The surprisingly reasonable cost of this book makes it a no-brainer to add to your library. Hardcover; 9-3/8 x 8-3/8”.

From a Review:
“The class of of immense ecological and economic significance, but insects are also unsurpassed with their amazing diversity and spectacular beauty...Indeed, insects are the paramount testimonials for nature’s creative marvels, as can be seen in Rooney’s book”. Bert Hölldobler, coauthor of the Pulitzer Prize-winning The Ants, catalog #9081
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