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Maria Sibylla Merian, Artist and Scientist
by Boris Friedewald
2015, 144 pages, 70 color illustrations. The amazing story of the life and work of the renowned botanical artist Maria Sibylla Merian is told alongside her beautiful illustrations of butterflies in this charming and elegant book.

A woman ahead of... more details

3848 Friedewald, A Butterfly Journey: Maria Sibylla Merian

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The Art of Discovery & Adventure
by Huw Lewis-Jones & Kari Herbert
2017, 320 pages, color illustrations on almost every page. One vital piece of equipment has been a constant in explorers' kits for centuries of adventure - the sketchbook or journal. Often private, they are records of immediate experiences and disco... more details
3794 Lewis-Jones, Explorers' Sketchbooks, The Art of Discovery & Adventure

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More details. LIFE UNDER THE SUN
by Peter A. Ensminger
2001, 276 pages, Which fungus is as sensitive to light as the human eye? What are the myths and facts about the ozone hole, tanning, skin cancer, and sunscreens? What is the effect of light on butterfly copulation? This entertaining collection of... more details
9405 * Ensminger, Life Under the Sun

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More details. NATURE'S FLYERS: Birds, Insects, And The Biomechanics Of Flight
by David E. Alexander
2002, 350 pages. This book provides a detailed account of our scientific understanding of the primary aspects of flight in nature.

Instead of relying on elaborate mathematical equations, Alexander explains the physical basis of flight with sharp... more details

9954 * Alexander, Nature's Flyers: Birds, Insects, and the Biomechanics of Flight

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