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by Peter H. Adler, Douglas C. Currie & D. Monty Wood
2004, 960 pages, 150 color illustrations on 24 plates, 97 b/w photos, 887 line dwgs., 253 maps, tables. Compiles authors' previously unpublished research and nearly all pulished information on North America black flies. Treats all aspects within the... more details
3512 Adler, Black Flies of North America

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More details. FRUIT FLIES (Tephritidae): Phylogeny and Evolution of Behavior
Martin Aluja & Allen Norrbom, editors
1999, ~896 pages. Definitive treatment bridges the information gap in this highly visible group of insects. It serves as a blueprint for basic and applied behavioral research on fruit flies and other organisms. It treats broad range of tephritids wi... more details
4091 Aluja, Fruit Flies (Tephritidae)

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A tribute to Ole A. Sćther
Trond Andersen, editor
2007, 364 pages, b/w line drawings throughout, tables. This book contains 35 research articles on aquatic diptera written by specialists from around the world. Although most of the papers deal wih the Chironomidae family, other aquatic diptera famili... more details
9793 Andersen, Contributions to the Systematics & Ecology of Aquatic Diptera

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More details. MOSQUITOES AND THEIR CONTROL, second edition
by Norbert Becker, et al.
2010, 577 pages, 700+ drawings. This volume presents a wealth of information on the bionomics, systematics, ecology, research techniques and control of both nuisance and disease vector mosquitoes in an easily readable style, providing practical guid... more details
4086 Becker, Mosquitoes and Their Control, 2nd Edition

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More details. MOSQUITOES OF CALIFORNIA, third edition
by R. M. Bohart & R. K. Washino
1978, 153 pages, 85 b/w illustrations. Covers 47 species, and reflects “advances made in our knowledge of mosquito biology and disease transmission” since the first edition published in 1926. Contains well-illustrated and easy-to-use keys to identi... more details
9089 Bohart & Washino, Mosquitoes of California

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More details. NEOTROPICAL CERATOPOGONIDAE (Diptera: Insecta)
by Art Borkent & Gustavo R. Spinelli
2007, 198 pages, richly illustrated. This book brings together, for the first time, all known information on the 51 genera and 1,095 described Neotropical species of biting midges. An overview of the group includes a discussion of bionomics, adaptati... more details
9754 Borkent, Neotropical Ceratopgonidae

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Volumes 1 and 2
Brian V. Brown, A. Borkent, J.M. Cumming, D.M. Wood,
N.E. Woodley & M. Zumbado, editors
True flies, or Diptera, are an exceedingly diverse and tremendously important group of animals not only because of their impact on human health, but also because of their varied roles as decomposers, herbivores, predators and parasites of other anima... more details
9085 Brown, Manual of Central American Diptera, Vol. 1

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9138 Brown, Manual of Central American Diptera, Vol. 2

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by Brian V. Brown, James N. Hogue & F. Christian Thompson
2011, 28 pages, color photos throughout. This booklet discusses the behavior of about 20 flower flies (Syrphidae) commonly found in Southern California gardens and parks. It contains interesting information about these flies along with excellent clos... more details
9278 Brown, Flower Flies of Los Angeles County

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(Diptera: Tabanidae)
by John J. S. Burton
1978, 166 pages, map, 20 plates with 80 b/w photos. This book reviews a study of the rich Thai faun. There are 31 species of horseflies described as new and 24 nominal taxa newly synonymized, easily found in the species accounts and synonymy. Compreh... more details
9717 Burton, Tabanini of Thailand, above Isthmus of Kra

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More details. A DIPTERIST'S HANDBOOK, Second Edition
Peter Chandler, editor, with contributions by 42 other authors
2010, 525 pages, 32 color plates, 45 text figures. This handbook provides a valuable reference for everyone interested in the study of flies, both beginners and experienced dipterists. Since the first edition appeared in 1978, there have been consid... more details
9315A Chandler, A Dipterist's Handbook, 2nd edition

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More details. AËDES AEGYPTI
The Yellow Fever Mosqquito:
Its Life History, Bionomics and Structure
by Sir Rickard Christophers
2009, 752 pages, b/w line drawings. Aëdes aegypti, the yellow fever mosquito, is widely used as a laboratory type for research on the bionomics, structure and physiology of the mosquito and for many other research purposes, such as in the test... more details
9135 Christophers, Aedes Aegypti, Yellow Fever Mosquito

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More details. THE BIOLOGY OF MOSQUITOES, Volumes 1, 2 and 3
by Alan N. Clements
Volume 1: Development, Nutrition and Reproduction
1992, 532 pp., illus. A detailed account of the embryology, growth and metamorphosis of mosquitoes, the nutrition of larvae and adults, and egg production by the adult females. Physiolo... more details
9739 Clements, Biology of Mosquitoes, Volume 1

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3864 Clements, Biology of Mosquitoes, Volume 2

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9072 Clements, Biology of Mosquitoes, Volume 3

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More details. THE OESTRID FLIES: Biology, Host-Parasite Relationships, Impact and Management
by D.D. Colwell, M.J.R. Hall & P.J. Scholl
2006, 359 pages, b/w photos, charts, tables. This book is an in-depth review and analysis of the biology of adults and larvae of Oestrid flies, commonly known as botfly, warble fly and screw worm. These flies are a major pest of domestic and wild ani... more details
9204 * Colwell, The Oestrid Flies

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More details. A REVISION OF THE GENUS PIPIZA FALLÉN (Diptera, Syrphidae)
by Gary A. Coovert
1996, 68 pages, b/w drawings, dot-distribution maps. Provides a revised classification of Syrphidae with key to 11 species (two new). Contains descriptions or redescriptions of type, comparisons, notes on distribution, range maps, flower records, an... more details
4139 Coovert, Revision of Genus Pipiza Fallen

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More details. NEOTROPICAL SIMULIIDAE (Diptera: Insecta)
by Sixto Coscarón & Cecilia L. Coscarón Arias
Peter H Adler, Scientific Reader to the Editors
2007, 685 pages, (135 pp. of multiple b/w drawings), 19 maps. Immature stages of black flies are present in most Neotropical freshwater streams and rivers, and adults are well known to nearby human populations by the adult female's bite. This compreh... more details
3480 Coscaron, Neotropical Simuliidae, Latin & So. America

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