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Jens Amendt, Carlo P. Campobasso, M. Lee Goff & Martin Grassberger, editors
2010, viii, 376 pages, color & b/w photos, tables, graphs, diagrams. Twenty years ago the use of entomology in a crime scene investigation was considered bizarre, despite the solid scientific background and documented historical applications. Today, ... more details
3719 Amendt, Current Concepts in Forensic Entomology

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More details. INFECTIOUS DISEASES OF HUMANS: Dynamics and Control
by Roy M. Anderson & Robert M. May
1992, 768 pages, 349 graphs & tables. Analytic framework for evaluating public health measures aimed at eradicating or controlling communicable diseases such as malaria, measles, river blindness, sleeping sickness, schistosomiasis, and AIDS. Show... more details
9340 * Anderson, Infectious Diseases of Humans

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More details. LYME DISEASE: Why It's Spreading, How It Makes You Sick, and What to Do About It
by Alan G. Barbour
2015, 315 pages, 3 color plates. Once restricted to small forested areas in the northeast and north-central U.S., Lyme disease is now a common infection in North America and Europe. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention estimate that more th... more details
9195 Barbour, Lyme Disease

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Nancy E. Beckage, editor
2007, 360 pages, 6 color plates, b/w photos, SEMs, drawings. This publication, focused on insect immune responses, provides perspectives on both novel and well-established lines of insect immunological research. It emphasizes physiological, biochemic... more details
3801 Beckage, Insect Immunology

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More details. FORENSIC ENTOMOLOGY: The Utility of Arthropods in Legal Investigations
second edition
Jason H. Byrd & James L. Castner, editors
2009, 705 pages, color photos througout, b/w illustrations, keys. Comprehensive treatment covers all aspects of the use of insects and arthropods in medical/legal investigations, including corroborating evidence regarding time and and place of death,... more details
4198A Byrd, Forensic Entomology, 2nd edition

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More details. MALARIA PARASITES: Comparative Genomics, Evolution and Molecular Biology
Jane M. Carlton, Susan L. Perkins & Kirk W. Deitsch, editors
2013, 280 pages. Since the publication of the first two Plasmodium genome sequences in 2002, numerous other parasite genomes have been sequenced. These include the genomes of several more Plasmodium species, as well as those of other a... more details
9847 Carlton, Malaria Parasites: Comparative Genomics, Evolution & Molecular Biology

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by James L. Castner & Jason H. Byrd
2000, 59 cards contain 53 premium close-up color photos of insects and other arthropods commonly found on human remains. Information on distribution and identification is included on the back of each card. Useful tool for professionals and studen... more details
5437 * Castner, Forensic Insect Identification Cards

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More details. ENTOMOLOGY & DEATH: A Procedural Guide
second edition
2008, 227 pages, b/w drawings. Practical, uniquely illustrated handbook is a valuable reference and practical guide for anyone involved with or interested in forensic entomology. It provides the background of forensic entomology, case study examples,... more details
9447B Haskell, Entomology & Death: A Procedural Guide, 2nd edition

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More details. RABIES, LYME DISEASE, HANTA VIRUS and Other Animal-Borne Human Diseases in the United States & Canada (What every Parent, Householder, Camper, Hiker, Teacher, Wildlife Rehabilitator, Hunter and Fisherman Needs to Know)
by E. Lendell Cockrum
1997, 146 pages, 50 b/w photos, 55 b/w illus., 48 maps, tables. Handy guide for anyone spending time outdoors. Outlines animal-borne diseases and how they are transmitted, precautions, normal animal behavior patterns, disease symptoms, and how to... more details
3714 Cockrum, Rabies, Lyme Disease, Hanta Virus

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How Discoveries of Invertebrate Diseases Are Advancing Modern Science
by Elizabeth W. Davidson
2006, 208 pages. Ever since Louis Pasteur saved the French silk industry by identifying a disease affecting silkworms, scientists have focused attention on smaller and smaller organisms. The rhinoceros beetle once threatened the coconut plantations o... more details
9666 Davidson, Big Fleas Have Little Fleas

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More details. INSECT REPELLENTS HANDBOOK, Second Edition
Mustapha Debboun, Stephen P. Frances & Daniel Strickman
2014, 409 pages, 14 color & 101 b/w illustrations, figures, tables. This book summarizes evidence-based information on insect repellents to inform decisions by those involved with insect repellent research, development, and use. It is an authoritativ... more details
9313B Debboun, Insect Repellents Handbook, 2nd Edition

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Tales of Parasites and People
by Robert S. Desowitz
1993, 288 pages. Why, asks the author, has biotechnical research on malaria produced so little when it had promised so much? An expert in tropical diseases, Desowtiz searches for answers in this provocative book. The writing was driven by his disgus... more details
8996 Desowitz, The Malaria Capers

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Torrid Diseases in a Temperate World
by Robert S. Desowitz
1997, 256 pages. This is an instructive, often humorous, chronicle of how tropical diseases have made their way to the United States. History reveals that many of the "classic" tropical diseases are, in reality, temperate too - yellow fever in Phil... more details
3712 Desowitz, Who Gave Pinta To The Santa Maria?

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Krishna R. Dronamraju, editor
2010 (originally published in hardcover 2004), 384 pp., 15 b/w photos, 30 line diagrams. From the historical beginnings of J.B.S. Haldane's malaria hypothesis to current research, this book evaluates infectious diseases from an evolutionary perspecti... more details
9443 * Dronamraju, Infectious Disease and Host-Pathogen Evolution

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9443B Dronamraju, Infectious Disease and Host-Pathogen Evolution

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More details. MEDICAL ENTOMOLOGY, A Textbook on Public Health and Veterinary Problems Caused by Arthropods, revised edition
Bruce F. Eldridge & John D. Edman, editors
2004, 659 pages, b/w photos, drawings, tables. Important book by recognized specialists is recommended for students and professionals in medical/veterinary entomology and public health fields. It covers all aspects of medical entomology with em... more details
4194C Eldridge, Medical Entomology, revised ed., paperback

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