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A Field Guide
by Carrol L. Henderson
2010, 187 pages, 193 color photos, 11 color figures, 104 maps, Foreword by Daniel H. Janzen. At the biological crossroads of the Americas, Costa Rica hosts an astonishing array of plants and animals—over half a million species! Here is a field guide ... more details
3846 Henderson, Butterflies, Moths & Other Invert. of Costa Rica

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More details. National Geographic Backyard Guide
to Insects & Spiders of North America
by Arthur V. Evans
2017, 240 pages, 240 pages, color photos throughout. If you want to know more about that moth fluttering at the porch light, that shiny beetle inching through the grass, or that patient spider spinning her web in a corner of your garden, this is the... more details
3821 Evans, National Geographic Backyard Guide to Insects & Spiders of North America

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More details. INSECTS: Evolutionary Success, Unrivaled Diversity, and World Domination
by David B. Rivers
2017, 488 pages, 282 color photos, 35 color illus., 26 b/w illus. Designed as an introduction to the intriguing world of insect biology, this book examines familiar entomological topics in nontraditional ways. Author David B. Rivers gives important ... more details
3755 Rivers, Insects: Evol. Success, Unrivaled Diversity, & World Domination

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The Insects and Arachnids of Canada, Part 1
by J. E. H. Martin
1977, 182 pages, 129 illustrations. This guide contains a wealth of information plus drawings and photos on equipment and methods for collecting, preserving, and mounting arthropods, and storing collections. It discusses techniques as they apply to s... more details
9073 * Martin, Collecting Preparing, Preserving Insects

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More details. INSECTS AND PLANTS: A Living Theater, second edition
by Edward S. Ross and Sandra Miller Ross
2016, 214 pages, color photos throughout. This truly remarkable volume combines a highly informative text with Dr. Ross' superb color photographs of insects and flowering plants selected from a lifetime of scientific and photographic expeditions tha... more details
3653 Ross, Insects and Plants, Second Edition

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3653S This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

National Geographic Pocket Guide
by Arthur V. Evans
2016, 182 pages, color photos and drawings throughout. Convenient, authoritative, and easy-to-read, this field guide to the insects of North America provides spot-on descriptive information, clear photography and illustrations in an easy-to-referenc... more details
3684 National Geographic Pocket Guide: Insects of North America

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More details. THE POETRY BUG
John Tennent, editor
2015, 405 pages, color frontis., b/w plate illustrations. This book provides a remarkable anthology of hundreds of poems, both short and long, covering every entomological subject. The collection includes whimsical, serious, humorous poems for you ... more details
9723 Tennent, The Poetry Bug

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by John Acorn & Ian Sheldon
2001, 160 pages, 125 illustrations, map. This is a fun-filled field guide covering insects of British Columbia. Learn about 125 of the coolest bugs you might encounter in the province's great outdoors. The author supplies a lively and personable te... more details
9400 Acorn, Bugs of British Columbia

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More details. INSECTS OF THE LOS ANGELES BASIN, third edition
by Charles L. Hogue
revised and edited by James N. Hogue
2015, 474 pages, color photos throughout, b/w illustrations. Updated for the first time in over 20 years, this welcome new book is THE best local and regional insect guide to more than 400 species of common or conspicuous insects and over 50 species... more details
9497C Hogue, Insects of the Los Angeles Basin, 3rd ed.

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