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More details. How Insects See
Insect eyes range from very basic light-sensitive spots to the multi-directional compound eyes of dragonflies. This kit allows viewers to experience how various insect eyes see the world around them.

The kit includes three eyepieces, a retainer ... more details

5292 How Insects See

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More details. Insect Life Cycle Replicas
Sets of five insect life cycle models each contain four large replicas - eggs, larva, pupa, and adult. These realistically crafted educational models are ideal for teachers, parents, and nature centers. Educational information about each of the four... more details
5288A Life Cycle of a Mosquito

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5288B Life Cycle of a Monarch Butterfly

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5288C Life Cycle of a Honey Bee

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5288D * Life Cycle of a Luna Moth

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5288E Life Cycle of a Stag Beetle

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5228F Life Cycle of a Ladybug

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5228G Life Cycle of an Ant

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More details. Finger Puppets
Wonderfully imaginative puppets from Folkmanis appeal to children of all ages. They make the insect world approachable even to youngsters who are timid about insects -- and they are great educational tools for explaining the special characteristics o... more details
5142 * Mini Ladybug Finger Puppet

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5185 Mini Monarch Butterfly Finger Puppet

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5190 Mini Spider Finger Puppet

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5421 Mini Firefly Finger Puppet

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5436 Mini Praying Mantis Finger Puppet

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More details. Animal Adventures: Insects & Spiders Set
Open the box and discover a world full of creatures that crawl, fly, and hop. Inside, young bug enthusiasts will find a 40-page book about insects and spiders full of intriguing facts and colorful illustrations.

This unique set also includes six... more details

5283 Animal Adventures: Insects & Spiders

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More details. Totally Bugs
Totally Bugs is the totally smart way to learn about some of our favorite bugs. Budding entomologists can get an up-close look at bug anatomy and learn about the lives of insects and spiders.

Follow the easy step-by-step instructions to b... more details

5013A Totally Bugs

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More details. Creature Close-Up Insects
Kids have always been fascinated by the amazing world of insects and bugs. From colorful butterflies to battling rhinoceros beetles, there’s plenty for kids to discover in Creature Close-Up: Insects. This unique activity kit is filled with i... more details
5281 Close-Up Insects

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More details. Robotic Scorpion
What do scorpions and robots have in common? Find out inside this box, as you go from biology to technology to explore the worlds of scorpions and robots.

The well-designed kit includes a 32-page book, 24 fact cards, 15 x 20" poster, a plastic c... more details

5280 Robotic Scorpion

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