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More details. Insect Viewing Jar
Ideal, safe way for students of nature to observe live insects close up. Clear acrylic plastic jar has easy snap-on lid with optically clear lens that magnifies 2X. A fold-down second lens provides 4X magnification. Comes with sizing grid and air hol... more details
5194A Insect Viewing Jar, 2X & 4X Magnification

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More details. Red Translucent Binoculars
Fun and educational item for kids to observe insects, spiders, and everything else more closely. The translucent binoculars are constructed of strong ABS plastic, have 3x magnification, 35mm precision-polished acrylic lenses with protective covers, ... more details
5236 Red Translucent Binoculars

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More details. Bug Jug®
Live Insect Viewer
Kids love bugs! It's safe and easy to collect and observe them with Bug Jug®.

•Triple lens magnifier
•Bug collector port
•Air holes
•Observation dome
•Carrying handle

Suitable for kids ages 4 a... more details

5443 Bug Jug, Live Insect Habitat

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More details. Creature Peeper
This sturdy, plastic viewer lets kids study insects and spiders safely up close from above and below. It features two 3X magnifiers over and under the viewing chamber for a thorough look at any creature. The watertight viewing chamber will even keep ... more details
5206 Creature Peeper With 3X Viewing

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More details. Collapsible Mesh Insect House
After capturing butterflies or other insects with a net or forceps, transfer them to the Insect House where they can be viewed easily and safely. The collapsible Insect House is constructed of soft mesh fabric. The top has a drawstring with loops for... more details
5495 Collapsible Mesh Insect House for Kids

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More details. Pop-Up Port-A-Bug
Observe butterflies, ladybugs, and other insects in this lightweight, escape-proof observation container. Made of ventilated mesh, this portable insect tube collapses back down and clips onto your belt when you’re done viewing. Comes with a matching... more details
5201 Pop-Up Port-A-Bug with Tote Bag

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More details. Ant Farms
Well-designed, slender, clear plastic habitats in which ants tunnel under a barn and windmill, popular with children for over 50 years. Certificate can be mailed to Ant Farm manufacturer to receive tube of live harvester ants, which, unlike many inse... more details
5115 Ant Farm, 9" Wide x 6" High

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5116 Giant Ant Farm

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5116RF * Giant Ant Farm Refill Kit

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More details. Ant Hill Live Ant Habitat
Discover the subterranean world of ants from inside and out. This realistic anthill habitat provides hours of wonder as you watch live ants dig underground tunnels, walkways,and secret chambers. The AntHill features a "cross-cut" design for ... more details
5200 Anthill, Living Ant Habitat, With Cert

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More details. Butterfly Pavilion & Certificate for Caterpillars
Child- and insect-friendly habitat lets you raise butterflies with the mail-in certificate for 10 Painted Lady butterfly larvae. Made of see-through mesh with a zippered entry for easy access, feeding, and care. Stand it up or hang it from the ceili... more details
5068 Butterfly Pavilion With Certificate For Caterpillars

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5133 * Coupon for 5 Larva, Painted Lady B'flies

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More details. Butterfly Garden with Certificate for Caterpillars
Bestseller Butterfly Garden brings the color and wonder of live butterflies into your home or classroom in a beautiful, reusable habitat. Watch nature at work as caterpillars turn into colorful Painted Lady butterflies. Includes fun-filled fac... more details
5132 Butterfly Garden with Cert. for 5 Caterpillars

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More details. Garden Spider Web Frame
This frame provides a spider's "canvas" to spin beautiful works of art in your garden. It is pre-assembled (no tools are needed) with solid wood construction and a sturdy garden stake. A special "spider hideaway" keeps spiders safe. An instruction gu... more details
5322 Garden Spider Web Frame

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More details. Earthworm Nursery
Hatch baby earthworms from live earthworm cocoons. Watch them dig and grow in the special multi-chambered greenhouse habitat. A built-in magnifier, egg net, paintbrush, forceps, and fun-filled fact and instruction guide are included. A coupon for 15-... more details
5344 * Earthworm Nursery with Coupon for 15-20

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More details. Beautiful Bugs Block Puzzle
Unique puzzle has twelve 2" laminated cardboard blocks in a decorative box. Arrange the 12 blocks to form 6 different images by Christopher Marley. Each image is part of Marley's Aesthetica Mosaic, which is reproduced in full on the box bottom... more details
5045 Christopher Marley: Beautiful Bugs Block Puzzle

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More details. BUGS: A Knowledge Cards® Deck
Beetles, Butterflies, Moths, and Other Amazing Arthropods
Each of the 48 cards in this deck shows a gorgeous insect on the front; an informative description is on the back. From the comical goliath beetle, a lumbering beast so huge that it sounds like a tiny aircraft when in flight, to the scintillatingly i... more details
5152 Bugs Card Deck, 48 Cards, Christopher Marley

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More details. Why We Need Bees, Beetles, Urchins, and Worms
A Knowledge Cards® Deck
This 48-card quiz deck covers beneficial invertebrates. The front of each card asks a question. The back provides a scientifically accurate answer and detailed information. "Aren't all cockroaches harmful to people and the environment?" "Studies of ... more details
5250 This item is currently unavailable or has been discontinued.

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