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WHY DO BEES BUZZ? - Product Details

by Elizabeth Capaldi Evans & Carol A. Butler

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Catalog #4021, Why-do-Bees-Buzz Catalog #4021, Why-do-Bees-Buzz-sample-page Catalog #4021, Why-do-Bees-Buzz-sample-page Catalog #4021, Why-do-Bees-Buzz-sample-page Catalog #4021, Why-do-Bees-Buzz-sample-page Catalog #4021, Why-do-Bees-Buzz-sample-page

2010, 229 pages, 8 color plates, b/w photos & illustrations throughout. Twenty-five thousand species of bees create a loud buzz. Yet silence descended a few years ago when domesticated bee populations plummeted. Bees, in particular honey bees, are critical links in the vibrant chain that brings fruits, vegetables, and nuts to markets and dinner tables. Farmers and scientists quickly realized the impact of this loss, but many others did not see this devastation.

This book reports on the mysterious “colony collapse disorder” that has affected honey bee populations, as well as other captivating topics, such as their complex, highly social lives, and how other species of bees are unique and different from honey bees. Organized in chapters that cover everything from these pollinators’ basic biology to the aggressive nature of killer bees, this insightful question and answer guide provides a honeycomb of compelling facts.

The authors examine the lives of honey bees, as well as other species such as orchid bees, bumblebees, and stingless bees. Accessible to readers on every level, and including the latest research and theory for the more sophisticated reader, the book reveals more than one hundred critical answers to questions about the lives of bees. Concepts about speciation, evolutionary adaptation and pollination, as well as historical details about topics such as Mayan beekeeping and the appearance of bees in rock art, are arranged in easy-to-follow sidebars that highlight the text. Illustrations enhance the beauty and usefulness of this guide. Paperback; 5-1/2 x 8-1/2".

About the Authors -
Elizabeth Capaldi Evans, bee biologist, is associate professor of biology and animal behavior at Bucknell University in Lewisburg, Pennsylvania. Her studies have been published in a wide variety of scientific journals.
Carol Butler is the coauthor of Do Butterflies Bite? and many other books.

4021 Evans, Why Do Bees Buzz?

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