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AC/DC Aspirator - Product Details

AC/DC Aspirator

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Catalog #2809A, Portable-AC-DC-Aspirator

This versatile collecting tool was developed for use in both laboratory and field environments. It weighs only 4 ounces (113 grams). The aspirator’s light weight makes it ideal when operating for longer periods of time or for situations that require extension of arms while using the device.  It has an overall length of 11" (28 cm) when fully assembled.

A friction fit holds the 2 oz. polystyrene collecting vial in place on the aspirator.  The flat bottom allows the aspirator to be stood upright if desired.   The friction fit also keeps the nozzle in place on the vial’s cap. An acrylic pick-up tube (one bent and one straight tube are supplied) is inserted through the nozzle and into the vial.  A flap valve keeps specimens from escaping after the nozzle has been removed.  Three collecting vials are supplied, and additional 2809V vials are available.  They are sealed with 20 x 20 mesh aluminum screen on one end, and with Lycra® flaps on the other end. Hole size is 965 µ.

The aspirator is controlled by a push button on-off switch in the base. It is powered by a transformer that converts 110/120 volt AC into 6 volt DC.  An international auto switching transformer, 110/220 VAC, 50/60 Hz, is available, 2836BQC, but not supplied with the unit. The transformer comes with a six foot (183 cm) cord.  The aspirator has a three foot (91 cm) cord.  A ten foot (305 cm) extension cord is included to allow a total possible cord length of at least eighteen feet (5.5 m).  All cord connections are made with in-line 3.5 mm plugs and jacks.  An additional battery adapter is also supplied, allowing connection to other 6 volt power sources that have spade connector terminals.  The battery adapter is designed primarily for use with gel cell batteries, see 2867 and 2860. The 2867 6 volt battery charger is recommended for charging the battery.

2809A Click here for product MSDS, instructions. *Aspirator, AC/DC

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