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Rain Shields for Mercury Vapor Lights - Product Details

Rain Shields for Mercury Vapor Lights

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Catalog #2818B, Rain Shield Set-up using hanger & Tripod for 175W MV Catalog #2818B, Rain-Shield-for-Mercury-Vapor-Lamp for 175W MV Catalog #2818B, Rain-Shield-Hanger-set-up Catalog #2819B, Hanger-to-tripod-connection-close-up Catalog #2819B, Rain-Shield-Hanger for 160W MV

Rain shields are designed expressly for use with 2818, 2816 and 2819 mercury vapor lights. They protect lights against breakage caused by temperature shock from rain or mist in all but high wind conditions resulting in horizontal rain patterns.

Shields consist of a transparent 2-mil polyethylene skirt, 10" long, clamped to double wooden rings at top and bottom. The design permits outward flow of heat at the top under a 10" diameter aluminum cap mounted above the shield. They include a porcelain socket, and metal wire guard to protect the electrical cord when hung from a branch or collecting sheet. Shields are fully collapsible for transport. Two extra polyethylene skirts, which may be replaced without the need for tools, are included.

The 2818B is used to protect the 2818 and 2816 mercury vapor lamps from moisture. It has a porcelain mogul base socket, a connector to the ballast box, and metal hanger with cord protector. Shield collapses to 3.5" high; weighs 1.25 pounds.

The 2819B is used with the 2819 self-ballasted mercury vapor lamp. It contains a porcelain medium base lamp socket, off/on switch, 6 feet of electrical cord with plug, and metal hanger and cord protector. Shield collapses to 2" high; weighs 1 pound.

2818B Rain Shield for M.V. Lights

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2819B Collecting Lamp Shield for #2819 & #2819A MV Lamps

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2818S Replace. Poly Skirts, Pack of 6

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